T-Shirt Design

Inspired by the pop-culture styling of Shepard Fairey’s OBEY brand. this shirt was a commissioned piece for a church group in the area. If you look closely you’ll see a number of subtle icons that are easily identifiable for those of the Latter-Day Saint persuasion. Below are some sketches I presented with the selected idea in the center.


Here is how the final design turned out.

UI Design – MarketStar Connect+

I have a secret obsession very few people know about – UI/EX Design. I had the chance last year to design the original concept that the development team used to design our community platform Connect+. Our system is powered by the best enterprise community platform on the market Jive so you’ll probably recognize some of their terminology. At the time I designed this I didn’t have a lot of knowledge or experience with their platform or methodology but we’ve been able to strike a good balance between what we needed in the UI and the core social tools their software brings to the table. Experience design is critical to branding regardless of the platform so I’ve been a student of good web-design for a long time. Social has added a new layer to the equation and this was a great study in balancing the social functionality with the brand messaging.

Click image to enlarge

Davis County Military Task Force Logo

This logo was pretty heavily art directed but I liked how true to the original sketch I showed the client it turned out so I’m posting it as an example of concept to final.

Original Sketch (compiled from various source material)

Vectorized version in black and white

Final Vectorized version in color

Logo Development: Ascend

This is a logo project I took on last year. As a charter school focused on an “enlightened journey” the client wanted something that elevated the education experience and conversations centered around a peak or mountain range. Living in Utah, I’ve done more mountain range logos than you can shake a fist at. Rather than just exploring the expected, My mind was drawn to a flag, like you would post after ascending Mt. Everest. In the end the final product became a hybrid of both ideas which came together quite well.

MarketStar Connect Launch Poster

I’ve been heavily involved in branding, designing and launching a new social intranet platform for my employer MarketStar. One of the projects I kept for myself was the launch poster. I wanted something simple, typographic and metaphorical of what we were doing to bring the company together. below is the final design.

Ragnar T-Shirt 2013

For the past three years I’ve been asked to design the Mountain States Team Ragnar shirt for the Logan to Park City 200 mile relay race for my dad. This year they specifically asked for a variation off the old Winston Churchill propaganda statement “Keep Calm and Carry On”. I wasn’t super excited since any Google image search will tell you that this has been done 1,000 of times already and of course I didn’t want to turn-out an unoriginal re-tread idea. Well, I lost the battle and ended up doing the design below. We didn’t know at the time just how sentimental and appropriate the mantra would become.
The Monday before the relay, My dad had a mild heart attack. My mom forced him to the ER and on Wednesday he had a stint put in and the images of the blockage indicated we were very blessed in terms of how quickly we received the proper care to mitigate the damage. He was released from the hospital friday morning and instead of going home, he met the relay team and walked a portion of one of his relay legs. I wasn’t there but anyone who knows Criag Gunn will attest “Keep Calm and Ragnar On” sums up his spirit and personality. I’m just glad I can still hit the links with Dad.

Happy “Hall” idays Illustration

I took on a quick commission for MarketStar’s COO Aaron Hall over Christmas. I really enjoy these opportunities to do illustrations in my own style. This one was hand inked, scanned and colored digitally with Wacom.
It’s probably the largest caricature commission I’ve taken on since this one. Below you can see the original sketch as well…

Zombie Lead Hunter

Here is a character illustration I created to continue building out MarketStar’s Zombie Lead Hunter Story.You can view the original infographic here. He’s an obvious homage to Bruce Willis in Zombieland which provided all sorts of ideas for this campaign.

Black Friday Infographic

Black Friday is a big day for retailers and the brands that bank on robust sales during this critical buying season. MarketStar is a key partner in helping brands decide where to be and who to target when the holidays roll around to ensure brand preference and drive sales. We created this infographic from some of our data.

Happy Shopping!

New Zombie Lead Infographic

Had the opportunity to create a fun illustration to demonstrate how MarketStar can help companies bring leads back from the grave. It’s a fun metaphor and I thought the Zombie’s turned out pretty good.

Click on the graphic to enlarge and enjoy the clever copy too…

Happy Halloween

UPDATE:: Here is the original Sketch for this concept