A Tribute to Madey

When a young friend of ours was diagnosed with cancer over a year ago, I started a pencil drawing with the intent to give it to her to boost her and her families spirit as they battled through the emotional ups and downs of the trial. I’ve never done well with emotions and as the weeks turned into months and the severity of the situation became heavier and heavier it became harder to bring myself to putting pencil to paper. Earlier this year Madey lost year long battle with a brutal and unfair cancer. When I heard the news I knew immediately that the picture I had started so many months before was meant for another purpose. I forced myself to finish the piece and was able to present it to the family as a memorial at the funeral. They loved it so much that later that month they asked me to do a version they could use on her headstone. It was an honor to be involved in such an intimate and emotional process. I believe our talents our gifts from God and sometimes we are meant to be instruments in his hands to bless others. This was truly my experience with this piece.