Discovery Connections Logo

Through my friends at the Red Cliff family of companies, I had another great opportunity to create a new identity and brand for one of their adolescent programs. I always start the creative process with a “data-dump” of quick sketches. I’ll thumb through old annuals and online libraries looking for visual stimulation. One of my favorite resources has actually become my old sketches. I’ve started the practice of binding up all my old sketches on an annual basis and now have a literal volume of old ideas that I love to thumb through for inspiration.

Once I feel like I can provide the client with a good selection of viable choices, I’ll start digitizing the cream of the crop. I used to be adamant that they always be shown just in black and white to ensure they were simple and easy to reproduce but lateley I’ve been adding simple, flat colors but applying the same palette to the entire presentation. I try to work quickly and get every selection to about 80% finish. enough to validate if it stacks up against the others.

Once a final identity is selected I start refining the design, working out the details of each relationship and also work with the client to decide on a color palette that suits the brand.