First Choice Signage

I have been feverishly working with one of my larger clients on the branding for a new medical clinic they are opening. We started developing the logo almost eight months ago and now the first clinic is opening up next week. I have been envloved in everything from the style and usage guidlines to the design of the clinic’s website and stationery system. One of the funnest projects was developing the environmental graphics for the clinic including the large lobby sign you see in the images below. With the help of one of my favorite vendors, fusion imaging we created a standoff sign that incorporates a brushed illuminium standoff and a layer of plexiglass with the logo printed on it. The plexi is finished with a semi-translucent pearl-essence that really creates a nice effect. This has been an incredibly stressful project but once the signage was installed it was amazing to see the instant effect it had on legitimizing the interior of the space.